Version 2.0!

Complete Design Overhaul

DDO got a facelift! We updated the look and feel of the site and all of the small design elements throughout DDO. Our goal was to give DDO a fresh look and improve usability throughout the site. The site width is better suited for standard screen resolutions and allows for more real estate on the page.

All-Encompassing Homepage

The previous homepage focused exclusively on debates. We wanted to surface all of the ways that a user can interact with DDO and allow them to dive right into whatever section was of interest. The homepage now serves as a representation of everything DDO has to offer.

Header Notification Bar

We created a persistent header to surface all of your new notifications and provide one click access to your dashboard. This has replaced the left rail login/account menu module. When logged in:

Now anywhere you go on the site, you will have easy access to your own personal hub.

New Universal Search

We have created a new search on You no longer have to select what section you want to search. We have indexed content from all of the sections and included it into, one, easily filterable search. This includes....wait for it...FORUMS! Searching for content on DDO has never been easier. Give it a shot.

Revamped Account Dashboard

We have made improvements to your Account Dashboard, tweaking some things to make it easier to find some of the actions you would normally like to take. We have added action buttons at the top of the dashboard as well as added two new modules, one allowing you to control your connection with Facebook and the other that will surface updates from your favorite forum posts.

Other Super Awesome Things...